About us

BIBOAQUA is a company which main goal is to focus in giving solutions and satisfaction to all needs that come up in any of the processes that compose the Integral Cycle of the Water. The company is totally qualified to study and to develop engineering projects, to execute a completed installation, which has been previously adapted to the needs of the client, and also to carry out all developing works and maintenance to obtain the optimum quality of the water.

BIBOAQUA is a company, which is aware of the vital importance of the water; it is well known that it is a scanty natural resource that needs to be taken care. Our company wants to take part of a society, which tries to interpret the new culture of the water. Therefore to be able to contribute and respect to the conservation of the environment.

Our company knows that the main asset with which it is provided that is the human being.We count with personnel of wide experience in the sector, personnel involved in satisfying the needs and worries of the clients and aware of quality, environment, safety and health policies that the company determines.